Event Date:2020-09-09

Teacher’s Day
“True Teachers are those who help us think for ourselves.” Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.
Education is subjected to constant change from time to time but the equation and the bonding of a teacher and the student still remains the same. Although the bonding of a teacher and a student is on a different scale now, the emotions still remain the same. The students of Voxpop International School made an innovative attempt of celebrating Teacher’s Day on September 5th on the virtual platform. The students of 9th and 10th grade presented a cultural program on the virtual platform. Our Director Mrs. Prashanthi Reddy told that the teacher’s profession is the most highly regarded profession and every teacher needs to love and respect what they do. Principal Mrs. Sowjanya told that the challenge for a teacher is to remain a student always as learning in inevitable for any teacher and the biggest challenge for the teachers lies not in teaching but inspiring the students and imbibing the rights values, ethics and patriotism amongst their students. The students had a self- governing celebration with their respective class teachers where they expressed all their love and respect to them.

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