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We feel pride in being at the heart of the city IT hub. The school provides a stimulating, challenging, caring and welcoming atmosphere in which students, teachers and parents actively participate in overall development of the students, preparing them for a strong and highly competitive future world.


Our Uniqueness lies in high levels of achievements in academic and extra-curricular activities. In every area of school life, we hopefully engage our students in the business of learning, giving them the opportunity to meet challenges and make their own discoveries successfully.



It represents voice of victory. The colours green, yellow, blue and violet represent prosperity, wisdom, health and a desire to stand apart in every challenging field.

listed here are our experienced, qualified, B’ed & M’ed teachers.

1.       Mrs.Vedavathi 26. Mrs.Sharmila
2.       Mrs. Anuradha 27. Mrs.Ambika
3.       Mrs. Raghavi 28. Mrs.Sathya
4.       Mrs. Nasreen 29. Mr.Akbar
5.       Mrs. Nandini 30. Mr.Sunil
6.       Mrs. Parvathi 31. Mrs.Prasanthi
7.       Mrs. Krishnaveni.M 32 Mr.Sudhir
8.       Mrs. P.Sirisha 33. Mr.Dinesh
9.       Mrs. Jhansi Rani 34. Mrs.Saraswathi
10.              Mrs. Bhavana.C 35. Mrs. Naga Shilpa
11.              Mrs.G.Sirisha 36. Mrs. Usha Rani
12.              Mrs.Palak Sharma 37. Mrs.Hima Bindu.C
13.              Mrs.Lalitha 38. Mrs.Hima Bindu.M
14.              Mrs.Saritha 39. Mrs.Krishna Veni
15.              Mrs.I.S.R.R.Devi    
16.              Mrs.Prasanna    
17.              Mrs.Tejaswi    
18.              Mrs.Harini.S    
19.              Mrs.Sindhu    
20.              Mrs.Lakshmi    
21.              Mrs.Ankitha    
22.              Mrs.Sirisha.k    
23.              Mrs.Leela Merlin    
24.              Mrs.Suchitha    
25.              Mrs.Nancy    
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