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Right from the fragile minds

With the advent of social media our way of expressing has taken a completely different channel. At the time when I was a student, I remember our limited but channelized source of expressing and presenting our view points. Children of today are definitely way smarter as they belong to the new information age. They have an easy access to a whole lot of information as data is available to them at their fingertips. We are completely fenced by technology as it has become an integral part of human existence. Being tech-savvy is the need of the hour because it puts us ahead in the rat race. So where is the rat race leading us to and where are we heading towards? With an access to enormous data, is the children’s want to express their views evading or is there a whole new language of communication that is evolving? These are the questions which constantly haunt my mind. The joy of expressing simple things in simple forms seems to have lost its ground while on the other hand I feel that simplicity is what is getting more and more complicated to cope up with.

Running our thoughts through these aspects, Voxpop International School has decided to create a platform for the students to encourage them not only to express their unbiased views but also to boost their creative side of the brain. The school is going to provide a space in the school website which can nurture, cherish and raise the creative side of the students where they can post a piece of their expression either in the form of writing or as a piece of art. This space will be strictly dedicated to the students of class1 to X and this is going to be called as “The Student’s Corner.”

As a new initiative this offers ample opportunities and encouragement for students to express either in the form of poetry, essay, story or a sketch and painting. After all the essence of life lies in the realm of expression.

Editor In Chief



In Bed at Night!

By Varun, IV Orchids

When I am on my bed at night,

Between the blinds I see

The dearest little twinkling star,

Who, comes to peep at me.

I know he stays there all the night

But at the break of the day

I cannot see him anywhere.

Where does he go away?

I wonder if the reason’s this-

Perhaps he goes from me

To peep at other little boys

On lands across the sea.



By Harshavardhan X class

Cricket is called a Gentleman’s game

Everyone can earn a good name

Tejo is crazy at taking wicket

Being cool is actual cricket

Tejo is an incredible player

He is a six slayer

He is unstoppable when he has a bat

When he is on the field he says howzat!

He is a specialist at taking leg break

And now it’s time for a drink’s break

There must have been a rivalry between triple alliance and triple entene

Our Tejovivek is an honest captain

When it’s time he will show his vengeance

After all it’s his arrogance.

He shows a lot of courtesy

Maybe his leadership will be a legacy.

It is true that he says howzzat….

When it comes to education he says what is that?

This is never going to end

Tejovivek is a true friend.


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