Prashanthi Maramreddy onboards the society with a mission to energize the team by working side by side drawing fuel from our undeterred commitment to becoming even more student centric school.

Voxpop international school enters into yet another decade with a vision to see how far we can push the envelope to create boundless futures for our students.

At the heart of our school work is the strong conviction that both teaching and learning will only improve if teachers commit to the student experiences as a pivotal force for change. In the past decade, we have achieved the same through implementation of standards, evaluations and innovative programs. In the next decade, we intend to take this to the next level, focusing on efforts that impact the experiences and learning environments of our students. These experiences and environments which we believe must be cultivated and nurtured in the school to allow our students to aspire for

  • Deeper learning and

    Prashanthi  Maramreddy

  • leading Happiness and
  • Pride Community and
  • Belonging Collaboration and
  • Team work Ownership and leadership .

In this next decade, may our collective efforts be as strong as the hopes and dreams of our students.

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