Welcome to VOXPOP International School as you stride in and embrace a new path of Voice of Victory! The expedition of Education is a process which

Yours Sincerely

Sowjanya Mattaparti

aims not just at imparting knowledge, but in imbibing the right attitude and character in each child. Education in today’s scenario has evolved beyond the concepts  of teaching, it relies on the concepts of adaptation and validation. The child is exposed to the ever changing and demanding environment and our pedagogy deals with preparing the students for these challenges. The need of the hour is not just to create aptitude enriched children but to focus on morally inclined and socially responsible individuals. The open and interactive approach at school helps the students to achieve competency in problem solving and creative thinking. Creating paths to realize and helping them to achieve their dreams is what the faculty at VOXPOP strive for. With the guidance of the highly motivated staff at VOXPOP the students are empowered to excel in their curricular and co-curricular pursuits. Together with the inclusive support of the parents, faculty and the young Voxpopians we march forward to create a new Voice of Victory.




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