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About Us




We feel pride in being at the heart of the city IT hub. The school provides a stimulating, challenging, caring and welcoming atmosphere in which students, teachers and parents actively participate in overall development of the students, preparing them for a strong and highly competitive future world.


Our Uniqueness lies in high levels of achievements in academic and extra-curricular activities. In every area of school life, we hopefully engage our students in the business of learning, giving them the opportunity to meet challenges and make their own discoveries successfully.



It represents voice of victory. The colours green, yellow, blue and violet represent prosperity, wisdom, health and a desire to stand apart in every challenging field.




Sincerely, Mr. P. Pavan Kumar

Good wishes and welcome to Voxpop International School.

I am fortunate to be a member of this Great Educational Community. I believe it is a creative and intellectual community where committed teachers challenge and engage talented students. It is a challenge to build a good school with modern state-of-the-art facilities. We make learning an enjoyable and rewarding experience to the students.

This is an institution, where no student is ever rejected, where exposure, experimentation and innovation are key words and where learning by doing is the technique followed. Our parents are our well wishers. I am sure that with their support, we continue to grow and become a significant element in the world of education.


Sincerely, Mr.Pratap Kumar

Welcome to Voxpop! We want every child to develop a love for learning and encourage students to achieve academic and extra-curricular excellence by putting forth their maximum efforts. We aim to nurture students in critical inquiry, creative thinking, good behaviour and a sense of respect for self and others.

Besides academics, we create opportunities for children to experience a range of outdoor and adventurous activities. We are committed to developing rounded individuals by providing all possible educational opportunities. We hope our school prospectus will provide you all the information needed, and encourages you to visit us soon.



Sincerely, Helavathy .V

Welcome to this new Voice of Victory!

Education is the journey of imparting knowledge, awakening spirits and shaping young minds to achieve the goals of life. I believe, Imagination is stronger than knowledge and dreams are more powerful than facts. For dreams to come true, one has to understand the true meaning of Education.

Our pedagogy focuses entirely on nurturing and developing the skills, aptitudes and attitudes needed for a meaningful life in the modern world. Our diversified academic programme provides an equally outstanding co-curricular and extra-curricular schedule with a much needed holistic education to give a competitive edge over their counter parts elsewhere. At VOXPOP, students are assured of receiving a high quality education with the assistance of highly qualified and caring teachers, counselors and staff.

VOXPOP is considered a great success if we can provide intellectually alert, morally upright, emotionally stable and spiritually strong individuals to the society.

With the unconditional support of parents, committed faculty and the young voxpopians, we look forward to craft a Voice of Victory.

Our Team Of Educators

1 Ms. Sandhya Head Of the Institution M.Sc, M.Ed, M.Phil
2 Ms. Helavathy .V Principal B.A., B.Ed, D.S.M.
3 Ms. Sowjamya  . M Academic Co-ordinator MSC, BED
4 Ms. Pavani .A Faculty (English) M. Sc, M.A, B.Ed
5 Ms. Vedavathi Faculty (Telugu) M.A, B.Ed
6 Ms. Anuradha Faculty (Hindi) M.A., B.Ed
7 Ms.Raghavi Faculty ( Mathematics) M.C.A., B.Ed
8 Ms. Swathi . M Faculty (Biology) M.Sc, B.Ed
9 Ms. Sanjana Faculty (Physical science) B.Sc, B.Ed
10 Ms. Nasreen Sultana Faculty (English) MCA, MTech, Mcom
11 Ms. K. Saraswathi Faculty (Telugu) MA (tel), B.Ed
12 Ms.Prasanna .K Class Teacher B. Com, B.Ed
13 Ms. Madhavi Y Faculty (Hindi) M.A Hindi Lit.
14 Ms. Leela Sravanthi Class Teacher MSC, PGDBI, B.Ed
15 Ms. Nancy Class Teacher B.A,  B.Ed
16 Ms. Parvathi .A Class Teacher B.Com, B. Ed
17 Ms.B. Lalitha II- Class Teacher B. Com, B.Ed
18 Ms. Krishnaveni .M Telugu (Faculty) B.Sc, B.Ed
19 Ms. Subasree III- Class Teacher B.Sc, ‘B’ Level in Computers
20 Ms. Saritha .A Hindi Teacher B.A., B. Ed
21 Ms. Siva Parvathi Science Faculty M.A, B.Ed
22 Ms. Subhangi Babar Nursery Mother Teacher M.B.A.
23 Ms. Sharmila .P PP -II Mother Teacher B.Sc,  PPTTC
24 Ms.Palak Sharma Hindi (faculty) M.Com, BE.d
25 Ms.Radha Kumari II class (Faculty)  M.Com, BE.d
26 Mr. Vikramjeet Singh P.E.T. B. P. Ed
27 Mr. Ramesh P.E.T. B. P. Ed
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