We welcome your interest in VOXPOP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. We believe in the endless potential of each child and therefore accept students who exhibit a wide range of abilities without regard to race, nationality and religion. Final admission is granted through an admission test as well as a personal interview. The curriculum offers core subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Computers and Social Sciences. Besides these, the school also offers a wide range of optional co-curricular activities like Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Yoga, Craft & Drawing, Dance, Abacus and Taekwondo.


Parents and applicants are welcome to visit/tour the campus and get firsthand information of quality education at VOXPOP. Please mail or call for further details regarding admissions.



  • The school has no deadline for applications, and students may be admitted during the academic year.
  • Admission is confirmed only after submitting the completed application form, required certificates with Registration Fee and I Term Fee.
  • If the school management finds any significant document submitted to be false, the admission of the student will be cancelled immediately.
  • Rules and regulations followed for admission, curriculum and examinations are strictly in accordance with CBSE and SSC norms.
  • Fee should be paid on or before the due date.
  • Parents are requested to get the information about the visiting hours from the office and follow them strictly.
  • School’s Academic schedule timings and holidays may be changed as per the convenience of the academic programmes from time-to-time.
  • Irregular attendance, habitual skipping of classes, irregular in submitting the given assignments or project works, disobedience and disrespect towards teachers and fellow students, and other, misbehaviour may lead to suspension of the student from the school.
  • A student with less than 75% of attendance will be considered ineligible for promoting into the higher class.
  • Students not following the rules regarding school-hours, dress-code, fees and other payments, behavioural norms, hygiene, discipline and participation in school games and other programmes will be expelled after three warnings.
  • Submit 2 passport size photos of the student, a copy of Student’s birth certificate issued by Municipal Corporation. Aadhar card xerox Record Sheet(I – VI) / T.C.(VII – IX).Study /Bonafide/conduct certificate Xerox and an official copy of reports from previous school and 1 passport photo of parents.
  • The School Fee does not include books, uniform and other academic material.
  • All disputes associated with admission process under Hyderabad jurisdiction only.



School Timings:

8:30 am – 3.30 pm

Visiting Hours:

  • Parents are requested to take appointment to meet the Counselors.
  • Monday – Friday: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon and 2:00pm to 3:30pm.


Regular Uniform:

  • Black with Blue pinstripes pant or skirt or Tunic (for Nursery to V)
  • White with Blue and Black checks shirt for all
  • White with Black stripes belt for all

Winter Clothing:

  • Blue coloured hoodi jacket


  • A pair of Black Shoe and Navy Blue socks
  • A pair of White Shoe and white socks

Sports Uniform:

  • Track suit for grades I to X


The School Nurse makes regular visits to the school to discuss the health, development and well being of the children. As part of the school health service she liaises with doctors, health visitors and other professional bodies relating to your child’s health. The administration of medicine is a parental responsibility. If your child needs medicine in the middle of the day, you should contact school to make arrangements for you to give your child the medicine. If your child suffers from any allergy or serious medical condition, please ensure that the school is kept informed.


We teach students to behave in a positive manner and respect the staff and fellow students at all times. We encourage them to develop self-discipline and follow the rules of the institution for the benefit of all.



All Voxpopians should obey the following rules;

  • No Student is allowed to go out during the class hours.
  • Absence from school is considered lawful only in case of illness of the student, death in the immediate family, lack of authorized transportation or suspension from the school.
  • If a student is absent, the parent/guardian is expected to call the concerned authority before 9:00 AM to report the same.
  • Students are required to bring in a note, dated and signed by parent/guardian explaining the nature of the absence, in case of long leave, when they plan to leave school early or arriving late.
  • Students ought to attend all scheduled school activities.
  • Strict discipline should be maintained by the student on the campus, in the classrooms, dining hall, cafeteria, recreation room, library, in the labs and during study hours.
  • Students should present the school ID whenever asked by the concerned authority.
  • Students should use appropriate language, show respect for teachers and other students.
  • Students must come to school in neat and full uniform.
  • In the hallways students should walk; do not run through the building.
  • Any damage caused by the students to the institution’s property or to the property of other students will be recovered from the students.
  • Bullying or threatening anyone in any way, thus denying them the right to feel safe is seriously viewed.
  • Verbal abuse including profanity, obscenities or comments harmful to another’s self-esteem should be strictly avoided.
  • Students who find items of value, such as watches, eyeglasses, and jewelry, should return into the office.
  • Students should queue silently during the assembly and on entering and leaving the classrooms.
  • Contribute to the success of the class as a whole by showing respect for teacher‘s instruction and other students’ rights and property.
  • Always take nutritious food to improve physical and mental health.
  • Students should be silent and dignified in the bus to reach the destiny safe and in time.
  • Board or depart from the same stop, unless a written request from your parent/guardian stating the proper reason.
  • Allow fellow students to sit if space is available.
  • Standing while the bus is moving, making loud noises, distracting the bus driver, throwing things, hanging out of the bus or anything else that may endanger safety is strictly prohibited.
  • Always  respect the driver and attendants in the bus If there is problem with a computer, you must notify your teacher or the lab assistant immediately.
  • Students should use computers gently, carefully, and use them for educational purposes only.
  • Students shall be suspended from the school if caught cheating, copying someone else’s assignments, talking during tests or copying answers during a test.
  • No re-examination is considered under any circumstances.
  • Use neat handwriting and always communicate in English in and out the school campus.


Age (as on 1st June )

CLASS Grade Age (as on 1st June )
Nursery 2 ½ yrs +
PP I 3 ½ yrs +
PP II 4 ½ yrs +
CLASS I 5 ½ yrs +
CLASS II 6 ½ yrs +
CLASS III 7 ½ yrs +
CLASS IV 8 ½ yrs +
CLASS V 9 ½ yrs +
CLASS VI 10 ½ yrs +
CLASS VII 11 ½ yrs +
CLASS VIII 12 ½ yrs +
CLASS IX 13 ½ yrs +
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